H2O Mop X5




26 x 123 x 21 cm





Heating time

30 seconds

Water Capacity


The H20 Mop X5 is a mop style steam cleaner which is similar to the Kärcher SC1 reviewed on the home page of this website, but a little bigger and more powerful. This is perhaps an excellent alternative to the Kärcher at a slightly higher price point if you’re looking for something a bit more powerful, but not quite as powerful or bulky as a cylinder steam cleaner.


  • The product is described as a ‘5-in-1 steam cleaner’ featuring attachments to suit floors, carpets, surfaces, windows, and garments/fabrics
  • Again this product, like the Kärcher SC1 is more than just a simple mop, and transforms into many different tools with a high level of versatility
  • The 400ml water tank is large in comparison to other models and offers a full 30 minutes of continuous steaming time
  • The product has a 180 degree pivoting head which makes tackling stains in tough spots and corners really manageable
  • The unit has 4 different settings of steam output, allowing you to adjust the pressure of the steam depending on the surface you are using it on


  • The product is really well designed in terms of its attachments and extensions etc. and will offer a great amount of versatility
  • The 30 minutes of continuous steaming time means that for a bigger house or a more thorough clean, you’re not needing to fill it up quite as much as other models. The Kärcher SC1 for example only has a 200ml water tank which is half the size

One thing about this product is that the unit is considerably more bulky because of the size of the water tank and the power of the unit. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you require the extra power and capacity over other models, but if you don’t it means the unit is more difficult to store, and there are also reports that it is quite heavy. Weighing in a full kilogram heavier than the Kärcher SC1 means your arm will tire much faster if you’re holding it, so the handheld functionality is somewhat limited by this. I would say that overall this is a great option if you're looking for something with a little more power without going too over the top and buying a cylinder steam cleaner.