Kärcher SC2.600C




35 x 28 x 27 cm





Heating time

4 minutes

Water Capacity


If you’re a big believer in the idea that you get what you pay for, the Kärcher SC2.600C may be the steam cleaner for you. Now let me preface this by saying that there are even more expensive and powerful models out there. This is by no means the most powerful steam cleaner money can buy, but it’s a big step up from the Kärcher SC1.020 reviewed in our buyers guide. If you’ve got a medium to large sized house, and you're looking for a powerful steam cleaner for regular use, this might be the option for you.


  • The unit heats up in only 4 minutes, which is much faster than the Kärcher SC1.020 which takes double the amount of time
  • The water tank can be refilled during use giving you continuous steam, rather than having to stop and start again when the unit runs out of water
  • The unit comes with plenty of attachments like with all other Kärcher models which allow for thorough and versatile cleaning for all types of surfaces and floors
  • A whopping 1500 watts of power means that this product packs some serious power. It produces 3.5 bars of steam pressure in comparison to the Kärcher SC1.020 which only produces 3.2 bars


  • The machine is a real time saver in that it heats up much faster than some of the other models available. It also allows the water tank to be continuously refilled which means that you’re saving time by not sitting around waiting for the water to heat up in between refills
  • The fact that the steam pressure output is higher means that you will save time, as tougher stains and adhesives are much easier to tackle with higher steam output
  • The attachments that come with this product make it really versatile and means that you can use it on pretty much any surface you’d like


Ultimately, this is a really great product but has a higher price tag than the Kärcher SC1.020. If you’re looking into options at a higher price point, you really should question whether you need a product as powerful as to warrant that price. I imagine that professional cleaners and those who own big homes would really benefit from the time saved with one of the higher quality units, whereas someone with a small home with just a few laminate floors is really not going to experience the same benefits from spending more.