Vax Steam Mop S3S+




110 x 21 x 28 cm





Heating time

15 seconds

Water Capacity


Vax Steam Mop S3S+ is another option available to you if you’re looking for a mop style steam cleaner. This mop differentiates itself from its competitors because it is simply a dedicated mop which does not convert into a handheld cleaner like other models. Because of this, it allows the mop to be more powerful and heavier, and do the one job it was designed to do very well, rather than being a ‘jack of all trades’.


  • The mop heats up in an astonishing 15 seconds, meaning it is ready to use almost instantly, great for if you’re running low on time and want to have a quick sweep of the floor surfaces in your home
  • The mop has a ‘surface selector’ which gives an optimum detergent and steam mix depending on the type of surface it is being used on
  • Compact scrub brush is triangular in shape, meaning it can get into small crevices that a square brush might struggle to access
  • The microfibre cleaning pad is washable, meaning it can be used over and over rather than having to buy new ones every time you use it


  • The fact that it heats up really quickly means you can use it very quickly, you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to heat up for a long time. Almost all other models I have seen have a significantly slower heat up time, so this product really excels in this department
  • The surface selector is really user friendly. Other mops tend to have steam control, but unless you’re really clued up and understand how much steam you should be using on what surface, this may make using the mop difficult. This mop has a surface selector meaning you just select the type of surface and you’re read to go, the mop automatically adjusts the settings for optimal performance
  • Ultimately this mop is going to offer a high level of performance when used on floors due to its higher power in comparison to its competitors

Worryingly, a lot of reviews on Amazon state that the product stopped working after not much use. The great thing is that you’re protected with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee so this should not be too much of a concern for you. Ultimately, it offers much less versatility than other models, so if you're going to choose this option, you should be very sure that you only want to use it for the floors and not worktop surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a heavy duty product which specialises in floor cleaning and does it much better than other options without being as bulky as a cylinder steam cleaner, this is going to be the best option for you!